Rylan to win says Rhian

Things are getting serious in the Celebrity Big Brother house now. Rhian shares with us what she really thinks of this year's housemates, and her Page 3 buddy Lacey Banghard.

Speidi aka Spencer & Heidi

I’m on the fence about these two. I will give it to them, they are entertaining and the house wouldn’t be the same if they left, but in the same breath I have to say they annoy the hell out of me. They are reluctant to get involved in certain tasks, or mingle with the group. I think Heidi has serious jealousy issues and worries about Spencer too much! Split them up, let's see what they have to give as individuals.

Lacey Banghard - NOW EVICTED

The loveable bangers. I’m biased here because Lacey is a fellow boobtrooper, and I am obviously a big fan. Lacey is in no way being false, or using her fantastic boobs to win votes.

She is a young girl who is full of body confidence and if you’ve got it, flaunt it. I don’t think the viewers have had the pleasure of seeing her come out of her shell yet. I think this is because she hasn’t become close to anyone so hasn’t felt relaxed. She needs to stay a bit longer, we need to see more of her! Go Bangers.

Razor Ruddock

Razor is definitely the alpha male of the house. He’s like a big cuddly bear, who has the hidden temperament of a proper grizzly. The way he stuck up for Ryan during the whole Speidi/Ryan spat, and  managing to get himself a formal warning from Big Brother just shows he can hold himself, and the rest of the house are well aware to stand back. The way he gets involved and belts out Steps songs too, he is a brilliant sport!


Rylan Clarke is by far my favourite Housemate! He seems the nicest most genuine person, he has been flung into fame so quickly he doesn’t know what to do with himself! I could spend hours watching him! He is definitely the star of the show this year, it’s a shame he thinks he is a public hate figure when most of the viewers have fallen in love with him. Rylan to win!


Ahh Ryan, the cute Aussie. He is growing on me. He’s exactly like Toady from Neighbours. Toadfish hasn’t really offered much entertainment, he seems to be loving every minute of it in the house, and he is putting his all into getting involved. I just don’t see him making it much further unless he revs it up a little bit, too Mr Nice Guy for me.

Claire From Steps

Claire has come across as very boring. From what I have seen she is neither use nor ornament. She is the house cook, which is not surprising, so she does have a valid role in the house, but to the viewers she doesn’t do much, except remind us of those annoying Steps songs, which end up in our head for hours. 5,6,7,8

Gillian Taylforth - NOW EVICTED

Gillian seems like such a nice lady. She hasn’t said a bad word about anyone, she’s just having a laugh and getting on with the long boring days she has been faced with. She also looks AMAZING for her age, but then again not one of the most entertaining housemates. I can’t see her lasting much longer.

Tricia Penrose

Tricia’s gag reflex has me in stitches. I’m pretty sure that is all she has done since she has been in there.  I expected her to be feisty after watching her VT, but I haven’t seen any of this.  I would really like to though, I think Big Brother needs to ruffle her feathers a bit. I think keeping Speidi in could be the answer to this. Lets fire her up.

Frankie Dettori

When Frankie entered the house I thought he was going to get on my nerves, he seemed over confident, and just an annoying person. He has proved me wrong. He is a funny little chap, and I think he will end up in the final. He puts all of his effort into the tasks and he is a good watch. I can’t wait to see him in his new dictator hat which is more than half his size. Genius.

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